Multiple Exchange Listing Skyrocket Tamadoge’s Price To 190% in 24 Hours

Since TAMA has risen by more than 190% in the past day, analysts are optimistic about Tamadoge’s future. The surge may be attributed in large part to the incredibly optimistic fundamentals of Tamadoge.

There has been a rise in demand for TAMA in recent days due to rising investor interest in the token following its listing on many cryptocurrency exchanges in addition to OKX. Tamadoge was first listed for sale on the OKX market on September 27 and could be purchased for $0.03 at that time. On September 30th, it went on sale at Bitmart and Uniswap.

Let’s take a look at the factors that have propelled the TAMA, as well as a technical viewpoint to estimate the future worth of Tamadoge.

Tamadoge Becoming Wildly Popular Amongst Crypto Enthusiasts

Currently, one Tamadoge is worth $0.086, and $30,000,000 worth of the cryptocurrency has changed hands in the previous 24 hours. Within the previous day, the value of Tamadoge has increased by 191.55%. As of the time of this writing, its market cap on CoinMarketCap was $70m, making it the #2660 most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. Among the top-performing cryptocurrencies, Tamadoge has been added to “to-watch” lists by 5,036 people on CoinMarketCap.

Major Exchanges Welcome Tamadoge with Open Arms

Due to Tamadoge’s openness about its intentions to list TAMA on other exchanges, the value of TAMA has risen significantly since it was first listed on OKX. On September 30, the Tamadoge team announced that the coin would be listed at 1:00 pm on October 5 on MEXC, another significant and well-known exchange (UTC).

In addition, Tamadoge is currently available for purchase on Bitmart, and LBank will join it on October 5th. The Tamadoge team has apparently sought listing on Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange known for its tough listing rules because to its emphasis on volume, according to a recent tweet. The price of Tamadoge has begun to challenge the $0.08756 resistance level after the listing revisions helped optimize the coin.

Tamadoge Tops the Charts When It Comes To the Stock Market

Market participants, investors, and company owners may connect and share information on StockTwits, a social networking platform. StockTwits Rankings keeps tabs on the ten most talked about subjects in a number of different markets for investors and day traders.

These stocks, investment vehicles, and symbols have gained the most new followers in the last 24 hours. A quick look at StockTwits will show you that the best meme coin of 2022 is now the most discussed cryptocurrency there.

Tamadoge Stands at 2nd Place by DEXTools

DEXTools is a platform that provides access to trading software as well as data on all exchanges operating on the blockchain. DEXTools gives you a birds-eye perspective of your cryptocurrency holdings, transactions, and the market as a whole by consolidating blockchain data into a single interface. Tamadoge is now the most traded currency on DEXTools, followed by Bone, LUNA, and HEX.

Pricing Projections for Tamadoge

The TAMA/USDT pair has received robust buying interest near the $0.0833 level. Already having completed a 1.618% Fibonacci extension at $00810, this price is acting as support for TAMA.

Two leading technical indicators, the moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) and the relative strength index (RSI), have entered the overbought zone, indicating a temporary reversal in trend before the bullish trend resumes. When a spinning top candle appears over a 4-hour time frame, TAMA may pause and correct itself, albeit this trend reversal is likely to be short-lived.

The closest support for TAMA is at $0.0729, and a breach there might extend the bearish decline all the way down to $0.0680. In the event that demand grows, the price of TAMA might go below the 2% Fibonacci extension level of $0.0959. Resistance is seen forming at $0.1129 and $0.1211 on the upward.

Tamadoge’s recent pump has the most to do with the LBank listing. Tamadoge grew parabolically by 111% within a short time and started trending on Stocktwits. In more recent news, Tamadoge will also be coming to MEXC around the same time as LBank.

Register on OKX to buy Tamadoge

New Tamadoge Transactions Have Been Added!

Additionally, the first drop of Tamadoge NFT is happening this week, and a countdown timer is currently available at Once the Tamadoge Petstore opens, players will have access to a myriad of items that may be used to boost their characters’ capabilities.

In addition, each of the Tamadoge NFTs that may be controlled by the player will have its own set of abilities that can be employed to progress through the game.

In case you didn’t see my previous article, the initial release of Tamadoge NFTs will have three distinct rarity tiers: ultra-rare, rare, and rare. Rare Tamadoge NFT owners will have an advantage in the project’s eventual play-to-earn (P2E) game because to their Tamadoge’s enhanced speed and agility. For these reasons, Tamadoge is trending upwards, having surged by more than 190% in just one day.

Tamadoge – Play to Earn Meme Coin

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