Tamadoge Price Analysis for 2nd of October: Massive Rally on TAMA

When we look at the recent market price analysis, Tamadoge has been having a significant move in the bullish direction since late September, although at the early stage of the trend, the momentum is not too strong. But the market spiked up for more bullish performance in the 5th hour, 13th hour and 14th hour of yesterday’s trading session. Since then, the market has been attaining new price heights.

Tamadoge Market Price Statistic:

  • TAMA/USD price now: $0.0695746263
  • TAMA/USD market cap: $70,124,325
  • TAMA/USD circulating supply:1.01Billion
  • TAMA/USD total supply: 1,049,733,333
  • TAMA/USD coin market ranking: #2662

Key Levels

  • Resistance: $0.0719159128, 0.08000000 $0.0850000000 
  •  Support: $0.0628434278, $0.0596417746, $0.0596417746

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Tamadoge Market Price Analysis: The Indicators’ Point of View

By the looks of all the indicators, they show that there is still more room for bullish movement in the market. The upper band and the lower band of the Bollinger band indicator are still wide apart from each other. The price action had a brief retracement and this sent the line into the oversold zone. This means that a price rally is imminent. We should expect the market to resume the trend since the Bollinger indicator says there is still room for more.

Tamadoge: TAMA/USD 5-Minute Chart Outlook 

 At some point in an uptrend, we should brief price retracement as traders take profits. In this timeframe, we can see the tug-of-war between the buyers and the sellers. After the progressive Tamadoge bullish market movement between 4:45 and 5:10 of early morning today’s market, a brief consolidation followed. As expected, there is a bullish market movement that followed this consolidation.

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