2022 trial date set for Tether’s accused ‘shadow banker,’ Reggie Fowler

Former NFL team owner and alleged “shadow bank” operator Reggie Fowler is not engaged in any plea negotiations and the trial against him is set to begin early next year.

A 2022 trial date has been set for former NFL team owner and alleged “shadow banker” Reggie Fowler.

Fowler is the accused operator of the shadow bank to the crypto sector, Crypto Capital, which was at the center of controversy in the court case against iFinex Inc — the parent company of crypto exchange Bitfinex and stablecoin issuer Tether.

According to Wednesday court documents, United States District Judge Andrew Carter of the Southern District of New York has set a jury selection and trial date for Feb. 14, 2022, which is subject to change in light of future pandemic-related restrictions.

U.S. prosecutors allege that Fowler provided unlicensed money-transmitting services to several crypto firms, along with bank fraud and laundering funds on behalf of Columbian drug cartels.

A case against Bitfinex and Tether, in which iFinex was accused of commingling funds between the two firms to cover up an $850-million loss suffered by Bitfinex in its dealings with Crypto Capital, was settled in February of this year. The firms were ordered to pay $18.5 million worth of civil penalties and to shut down trading operations in New York.

Regulators scrutinizing Tether’s commercial paper reserves: Comptroller of the Currency

However, the case against Fowler is still ongoing after he rejected a guilty plea deal that would have left the former NFL investor on the hook for $371 million. The figure was reportedly based on the proceeds he generated from his alleged crimes.

U.S. federal attorney Audrey Strauss outlined in the documents that the “parties are not currently engaged in plea negotiations and do not anticipate resuming negotiations,” which means there is unlikely to be a settlement like in the instance of iFinex.

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