DeFi Staking on Bitmart Launches Tomorrow

DeFi Coin (DEFC) staking will be launched on Bitmart tomorrow August 3rd, 2021. All users can earn up to 65% APY paid in DEFC tokens.

How to Stake DEFC

Simply register an account at Bitmart and deposit at least 2500 DEFC into your exchange wallet. DEFC stakers don’t need to commit to locking up their funds for any set time period.

Bitmart will take daily snapshots of your balance to calculate the staking rewards. The first session will run from August 3rd – September 3rd.

Distribution of DEFC staking rewards will take place monthly, paid by the 9th of each month.

DEFC / USDT is still holding strong above $1.25 and with this news of staking rewards – that incentivise people to buy more, hold and not sell – we could see the DEFC price rise to test the $2 level this quarter.

August and September have historically been bullish for the cryptocurrency markets and DeFi platforms should benefit from yesterday’s ETH / BTC pump to over 0.065.

Ethereum has broken above $2500 which could result in another ‘altcoin season’ as money trickles down to small caps.

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