IMPT Token Presale gets Closer to $12 Million; What’s Next for This Green Crypto?

2022’s greenest cryptocurrency, IMPT, is well on its way to raising $12 million in its presale as the project continues to gain the interest of early investors and environmentally conscious crypto users. By bringing a novel approach to the trade of carbon credits (CC), IMPT aims to make the space more inclusive and less opaque, making green decisions part of our everyday life. 

The project’s primary shopping platform that makes CC trading possible has onboarded more brands to its affiliate program, including Samsung and It is a decision that will likely push the crowd’s interest in this crypto to new heights, accelerating the IMPT presale process even more. 

IMPT Adds transparency to Carbon Credits Trading

Carbon offsetting has come under fire for a long time because of many scammers sullying its name. From double selling to fake credits, the carbon credits market is rampant with It. The reason is the gatekeeping behind the trade, which puts a cloak over its true meaning. 

A carbon credit is a permit to emit a set amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That permit can be traded if someone doesn’t use it. However, buying and selling carbon credits have remained under the hegemonic control of large companies and other organizations. For a layperson, they have been elusive. 

IMPT has introduced a new way of carbon credits trading by letting common individuals participate in the trade. 

At the core of the IMPT ecosystem is a shopping center – a digital front featuring ESG companies that can display their brands. People will have access to this shopping center via the IMPT app. Each time they buy something from these socially responsible companies, the platform rewards them with IMPT tokens. Customers can then sell the IMPT token on the marketplace and earn carbon credits. These carbon credits can then be placed back on the marketplace for sale. Customers who choose to retire their carbon credits instead of selling them gain an NFT artwork. 

Upwards of 25k Brands Have been Onboarded in the IMPT Affiliate Program

It is safe to say that the ecosystem is powered by the presence of ESG brands and customers. IMPT takes a two-pronged approach to become one of the most sustainable cryptocurrencies in the space. The presence of ESG brands allows customers to use green products that are inherently good for the ecosystem and have a minimum environmental impact. Secondly, the customers can earn carbon credits by exchanging their IMPT tokens and selling them back to the marketplace to companies engaged in carbon offsetting. 

That takes to the list of companies onboarded on the platform. While IMPT is full of lesser-known companies trying to hit the ground running to get high ESG scores, industry giants like Amazon and Microsoft are also among the onboarded affiliates. 

Samsung and have also joined up, and customers will have more brand options to choose from when the platform finally goes live. Considering the bullish sentiment this platform has attracted, we will see the platform emerging sooner rather than later.

What are the Bullish Catalysts Behind IMPT Tokens?

Presale cryptocurrencies have been a great hit in 2022 – especially the ones that feature stages allowing investors to enter at different stages. But in IMPT’s case, being a presale token isn’t the only bullish catalyst behind it. 

Carbon Offsetting is an Emerging

While carbon offsetting has been around since the late 1980s, it was only in the early 2010s that it started to gain steam. Industries finally began to pay attention when scientific communities gathered together with irrefutable evidence. A new era of ESG companies began, and the market has expanded by carbon offsetting 128%. It can further increase by 50x by 2050. 

Utility NFTs

The crypto winter dipped the demand for NFTs by 150%. As NFT giants like BAYC and many others were on the ropes, people started demanding utility-based NFTs. IMPT supports this prospect by tokenizing carbon credits as NFTs. 

NFTs taking an eco-friendly route

The environmental effects of NFTs have always been discussed among industry giants and the NFT space. The pre-merge Ethereum was the culprit behind it. But since post-merge, Ethereum has taken a Proof-of-Stake route and become a better energy-efficient crypto, IMPT’s potential growth is high. 

IMPT has raised $11.9 million in the Presale

IMPT is closing in fast on that $12 million target. As it is almost halfway there, now is the time to join the presale and become an early mover. At the time of writing, you can grab an IMPT token at just $0.023. But once stage two clears, its price will increase once it lands on another stage or a crypto IDO. 

Those who want to become part of this green crypto project can go to the official website today, connect the wallet, and buy it. Check out IMPT-buying-guide to learn about the process. 

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