Quant Price Up 10.8% to $167.38 – Where to Buy QNT

The crypto market has made significant gains in the past week. Quant, one of the popular altcoins, has not been left behind in these gains, and it has surged by over 75% in the past week. As one of the best performing altcoins currently, QNT holders are eager to see where the coin is headed and whether it will create a new record.

Quant is trading at $167.38 at the time of writing after a 10.8% gain in 24 hours.

Quant Price Analysis

Source: Tradingview

Quant is currently a top-performing altcoin. Despite the broader market retreating to lower grounds, QNT is showing resilience and is still pushing towards high grounds. Last week, QNT hit an all-time high, opening the altcoin to even more massive gains in the coming months.

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QNT bulls could pick up again, especially if there is market support and buying support. In this case, QNT could retest resistance at $172, and we could see new highs being formed. Currently, market support is weak, but buying support remains high, with most market signals indicating QNT is a good buy.

On the other hand, QNT could push even further down from its all-time high, and if this happens, the coin could retest lower support at around $150. A retreat could trigger an even sharper price correction where we could see QNT retreating to below $100.

The recent QNT gains were due to market support and its recent listing on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volumes. The listing on July 29 boosted the demand for QNT, hence the over 75% gains in the past week. At the time of listing, QNT was trading at around $98, but its value shot upwards in just a few days. The coin is now trading on Binance through multiple trading pairs.

Where to buy QNT

To buy QNT, you can create a cryptocurrency exchange account on the following platforms:

  • eToro

One of the exchanges where you can buy QNT is eToro. eToro is a leading exchange, and it is also famed for supporting new traders through features like copy trading that increase their chances of making profits. eToro’s trading fees are also affordable.

  • Binance

QNT is now available for trading on Binance through different trading pairs. Binance is the largest exchange, and it is popular for charging low trading fees. Binance is also supportive of over 100 crypto trading pairs and assets.

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