Top Shot to sell exclusive NFT moments at live basketball games

Three exclusive Top Shot NFTs will be minted to commemorate this weekend’s NBA Summer League games.

NBA Top Shot, the popular pro-basketball NFT collectibles from Dapper Labs, will sell exclusive tokens at NBA Summer League games scheduled in Las Vegas for next week.

The tokens will be the first Top Shot NFTs, dubbed “moments,” made available for exclusive purchase from a physical location and they mark the first time that moments have been sold at an NBA game.

The exclusive NFTs will commemorate a highlight of each game on August 8, 9, and 10 respectively. Each edition will see a minimum of 1,000 copies minted, while the total number of moments minted will be determined according to demand. Fans are limited to purchasing 10 tokens daily per person.

Match attendees will be able to pre-order the yet-to-be-created tokens from a Top Shop kiosk in Las Vegas’s Thomas & Mack Center for $5 each. The NFTs will then be transferred to the Top Shot accounts of buyers after they have been created.

While intriguing, the first batch of moments seem unlikely to become valuable collectors items in future. With the event hosting off-season games, the NFTs will primarily feature freshly drafted rookies and minor league players.

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According to DApp Radar, Top Shot is currently the second-most popular NFT platform by both number of sales and active traders, with roughly 109,600 Top Shot Marketplace users executing 675,350 transactions over the past 30 days — although total trade account is down more than 53% monthly.

According to CryptoSlam, the average daily value of Top Shot trading for the past month has been roughly $700,000.

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